Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner

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Can Someone Do Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner?

Product Owners shoulder great responsibility in managing complex projects successfully, developing relationships with their customers while employing techniques that allow them to confirm or refute hypotheses.

This two-day workshop is tailored to help Certified Scrum Product Owners advance their Product Owner skills. Document at least 12 months of experience as a Scrum Product Owner to gain A-CSPO certification.

Academic Exam

A-CSPO is a two-day course designed to elevate your experience as a Product Owner to new levels. Its purpose is to assist with developing a personal product strategy, empathize with stakeholders, validate or invalidate hypotheses and manage a Product Backlog efficiently for maximum impact.

This class, led by a Scrum Alliance-approved trainer, provides hands-on practice through experiential exercises, group discussions and other learning activities. If you register for this workshop, study materials including pre-recorded video lessons will also be included to watch before attending live.

This workshop is ideal for Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) certified individuals and those with 12 months experience as Product Owner. Anyone wanting to enhance their product development skills and create high-quality products that add value for customers and the business is encouraged to attend this course.

Practical Exam

At a practical exam, candidates are expected to conduct various experiments and projects within an allotted time-frame and submit it for evaluation by examiners who will follow a prescribed marking scheme and syllabus. It is crucial that schools ensure they are fully prepared for such exams by stocking laboratories, hiring internal examiners, communicating dates to both students and parents as well as having adequate lab resources in place.

If you are a Certified Scrum Product Owner with at least one year of experience, consider going for the Advanced certification. Here, you will gain advanced concepts and techniques for managing multiple business initiatives, developing product strategy, empathizing with customers, validating hypotheses and validating hypotheses as well as increasing your capacity to prioritize/scale backlogs/balance stakeholder needs.

This two-day course combines instruction with exercises and case studies. It’s an excellent opportunity to earn 16 Scrum Alliance Scrum Education Units (SEUs) and 14 Project Management Institute Professional Development Units (PDUs).


A-CSPO training provides more advanced coaching and facilitation techniques. You will gain knowledge in advanced product management techniques, focusing on features that delight customers while communicating effectively with various stakeholders. Furthermore, release planning techniques will also be covered along with how to define a Definition of Ready (DoR).

This course includes hands-on, experiential exercises and discussions led by a Certified Scrum Trainer from Mountain Goat Software who has years of experience helping organizations implement agile practices and leadership practices.

Can Someone Do Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner?

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This course not only offers an exceptional learning experience but will also prepare you to pass the Professional Scrum Master II examination. The examination lasts 60 minutes and contains 50 questions; to pass, at least 37 must be answered correctly – non-proctored exams allow repeat attempts for $250 per attempt if failed; additional certification requires two-year membership with Scrum Alliance as well as 30 Scrum Education Units (SEUs), which can be earned through Cprime training as well as courses or mentorship offered by this association.

Final Exam

If you already possess the Certified Scrum Product Owner certification and 12 months of product owner work experience, this advanced class will take your career to the next level. Learn techniques for facilitating decision making with stakeholders and prioritizing backlog items with maximum impact.

For optimal learning results, our classes combine lecture, hands-on activities and discussions. If you want to ensure you are ready for the exam before attending class, take the practice exams provided with your course materials before doing so.

Exams consist of two parts, a two-hour set of short answer questions and a two-hour multiple choice test covering the entirety of your course. Bring both a #2 pencil and ballpoint pen. If any questions arise that you need help answering, reach out to your instructor immediately for clarification.

Find Someone to Do Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO)

Strengthen your Product Owner skills and gain an in-depth knowledge of Agile practices with this certification from Scrum Alliance: the A-CSPO certification. By documenting at least 12 months of experience on your Scrum Alliance Profile, this can be earned.

Find Someone to Do Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO)

Hire Someone to Take the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) Certification Exam

Earn the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) designation and gain advanced Agile insights with this two-day class for Product Owners who have already taken and passed the Professional Scrum Product Owner course as well as documented at least twelve months experience as Product Owner.

Hire Someone to Take the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) Certification Exam

This course can be completed either in-person or virtual classes and all sessions are guaranteed to run – no cancellations or postponements!

Academic Exam Doing Service

Product Owners often face the daunting challenge of overseeing multiple business initiatives from competing stakeholders, while creating an appealing vision or ordering the Product Backlog is key to prioritizing opportunities that offer maximum value and exploring various ways to validate assumptions. A-CSPO curriculum offers solutions for this by teaching advanced techniques for maximization value creation as well as validating assumptions.

This two-day learning experience for Certified Scrum Product Owners with at least one year of work experience who wish to expand their capabilities and develop strategies to communicate effectively with various stakeholders is designed to give participants a deeper understanding of the role and how it interacts with Agile methodologies.

Achieving A-CSPO certification can be a powerful way to advance your career and stay ahead of competition. This certification demonstrates that you possess the required skills for managing business aspects of project projects; moreover, this designation gives more visibility within business circles.

Exam Preparation

Before sitting an exam, it’s essential to prepare properly. This could involve studying relevant material, making flashcards or mind maps, quizzing friends or taking practice exams with colleagues. Knowing exactly what the exam entails – in terms of number of questions asked and length of time allocated per question – allows you to manage your time efficiently and avoid becoming overwhelmed by its pressure.

The A-CSPO certification enhances your existing CSPO knowledge with advanced techniques that expand into managing stakeholders and Product Backlog Optimization. The class will help you define a product vision, express and order Product Backlog items effectively, communicate effectively with multiple stakeholders, handle business initiatives from competing stakeholders effectively as well as become a more valuable team member overall. Take your Agile skills to the next level! This course is sure to expand upon them.

Exam Writing

Product Owners play a pivotal role in a Scrum team’s success, taking responsibility for making business decisions and assuring product development in ways that maximize value while meeting customer satisfaction requirements. To become an effective Product Owner, one should understand Agile principles; attending a Certified Scrum Product Owner Workshop can be an excellent way to do just this.

Take an online Certified Scrum Product Owner training course to hone your skills and prepare for the exam. These courses will teach you fundamental Agile concepts as well as provide hands-on experience, teaching you how to create an effective product backlog and use agile tools for productivity enhancement.

CSPO Certification is one of the premier qualifications available in Agile. This qualification can demonstrate that you possess advanced knowledge of Scrum and can effectively lead your team, giving you an edge over other candidates for employment.

Exam Testing

Simpliaxis’ A-CSPO certification training in USA will enhance your Agile Product Owner skills. Over the course of this online A-CSPO certification training course, you will explore advanced techniques for collaborating with stakeholders and improving communication, validating product assumptions and managing backlog.

As part of your exam, both your webcam and screen will be recorded throughout its duration. If you’re unable to complete it within the allotted time, be sure to notify the proctor via chat box; they will oversee submission process. Also ensure you log out from exam website and close browser afterward.

As you construct an exam, it’s essential that you remember students can vary in terms of language proficiency, socio-economic background and physical disabilities. Therefore, when creating an examination it should not contain language that may be difficult for some students to comprehend as well as ensuring there are different question types included to ensure it remains fair for all.